Back-End Programmer, Cutting-Edge NYC Tech Startup

Back-End Programmer, Cutting-Edge NYC Tech Startup


Job Description

Are you looking to join a leading-edge NYC tech startup?

With a team of brilliant entrepreneurs and savvy technologists working on some of the hottest technology in the mobile/social media fields, all in the heart of Manhattan's booming Silicon Alley, this is the team you're looking for.

Currently, we are looking for a backend programmer with the following skillset:

- Experienced and passionate about information retrieval.
- Experienced with indexing data.
- Ability to implement cutting-edge indexing structures.
- Must understand how Hadoop works and know how to apply it.
- Must understand how crawling works. Some experience with Nutch is a plus.
- Ability with content processing.You must know how to transform content into efficient data structures.
- Ability to understand document formats and how to extract clean content to be further processed.
- Experienced with machine learning techniques.
- Experienced with NoSQL.
- Familiarity with Cassandra, Redis, Mongo DB, and Hbase.
- Experienced with Social APIs.
- You must feel comfortable coding in Java, C, and Python.
- You must be familiar and feel comfortable working with the Amazon environment.

This is a position that requires competitive talent. We are seeking PhDs, but are more than open to other degrees as long as you meet the requirements. Candidates must have great communication and teamwork skills, be able to meet deadlines, and overall be do'ers.

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Thank you!

Skills: information-retrieval