Prototyping a social networking platform

Prototyping a social networking platform


Job Description


Bringing a detailed concept to life with a very basic working prototype.

Building a working website prototype with back-end and front-end framework laid out.

Language: Ruby on Rails because I understand Ruby.

Time-frame: About 1 month

Development I believe will be similiar to the Linkedin framework
- User profiles, messaging capabilities, newsfeed, basic search for users.
- We can talk more about what the prototype will/willnot include
- Developer needs to be versed in both front and back end development
- Good commenting
- Preferably versed in Heroku
- This prototype will be used for testing with initial users and the CTO will use as a base to update the website and fix bugs (if the opportunity arises, willing to work together beyond this initial project)

* Willing to expand the budget depending on developer's expertise

Once invited, I will send you the introduction presentation.

After, I will send the detailed sketch of what the website will look like initially.

Thank you.

Skills: prototyping