SEO for new site

SEO for new site


Job Description

I am looking for an SEO expert to work on a website I am running that is a new business. The goal of the project is to produce SEO traffic of at least 500 visitors per day from the USA or UK. Attention should be paid to:

1. Google and Yahoo sitemap creation
2. Image & hyperlink optimization
3. Header tag optimization and working on HTML source code
4. Custom 404 page development and fix any broken links
5. Clear understanding of magento sites and framework

I am looking for a contractor who can first assess the situation and then develop an SEO strategy that will produce traffic and sales. We know that the experts here can easily design and execute a plan that will produce results and we intend to have your expert strategy as a key component to our overall marketing.

After this trial period if we can show tangible evidence of progress will likely engage this as a full time position for the rest of 2013 at least. We believe in long term relationships and like to work with people for long durations.

Contractor requirements

I am looking for a contractor who meets the following requirements:

1. Has strong SEO skills, as represented by previous work
2. Is familiar with HTML, backlinking and content generation
3. Is available for ongoing full-time work (40 hours per week)
4. Can give a quick overview of panda and penguin and how your white hat strategy will help us prevail.

How to apply:

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your proficiency with SEO and before-and-after examples of websites on which you’ve worked
2. Any highlights about your SEO skills

In addition, please answer the following: How many search results does Google show on each page?

About the company

I have created and manage a website for ipad covers ( The website aims to promote and sell covers online in the US and UK. We have inventory already in stock in both countries and want to drive more brand awareness and sales immediately to amazon and our own site.

We believe in doing the right thing and therefore any effort to promote black hat or other tactics that are not positive will be immediately rejected and the relationship terminated. We only want to do this the proper way.

Skills: yahoo, design, ipad, amazon, backlinking

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