Contribution Contact Information into Excel File

Contribution Contact Information into Excel File


Job Description

I have 150 contacts in a scanned document that includes: Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Emails. I need someone to enter all 150 contacts into one Excel document on the attached template for this job.

The first row are Last name, Spouse Name 1, Spouse Name 2. I need each spouse entered in separately.
The second row are children's names and are not be listed on the Excel sheet.
If there is only one phone number then that phone number goes on both spouses entry.
If there is no email address, address, or phone number for a contact that is okay.
If there is only one email address then the spouses will be one row as Spouse 1 First Name & Spouse 2 First Name.
If there is cell number for a Spouse then list that number as work phone.
If there is one home number and 2 emails then that number is listed for both spouses.
just bid only new contractor.

Example of Contact on List:

Smith, Lohan
Brooks, Cade
111 Eagle Mountain Lane
Berry, VA 12345
Home: 555-555-5555
Lohan mrry cell :166-191-30466