Web Development / Full Service Agency

Web Development / Full Service Agency


Job Description


I am looking to make long term relationship with exclusively with an agency. The more capable your agency the better as we would like to send what ever project we get. Some examples would be SEO, Web development, Mobile/Tablet Application & Websites, CSM*, Web GL etc..

In order to separate each agency from the rest I would like to ask you to give me the cost and time to create the following websites:

The smoothness and user experience of the websites are EXTREMELY important.

1) http://www.alessandrogiua.it/

2) http://www.zensorium.com/tinke/

3) http://tapmates.com/

4) http://www.roveconcepts.com/

5) http://designers.mx/

6) http://www.ferrari.com/English/GT_Sport%20Cars/CurrentRange/458-Italia/Pages/458-Italia-cc.aspx

7)http://www.scion.com/buildyourscion/configure#category=COLOR&color=112537773&image=112537769&model=fR-s&transmission=Automatic&year=2013 (put in the zip code 95344)

Also, make sure to include the TOP websites you have created. I will be using this job post as an interview process to see which agency is the best option for us. (ignore the budget and date)*

If chosen, we will create a long term relationship and send you multiple projects a month.

The quality of your work is extremely important.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to hearing from you!