matlab code as given in pdf

matlab code as given in pdf


Job Description

Need the assignment codes to be done in MATLAB. The rubric and report
needs to be done as per the requirements pdf and should contain
everything and answer all the six parts of the problem statement pdf.

there are 6 parts to the assignment as seen in the problem statement
pdf. these 6 parts have to be answered making sure all the points
mentioned in the requirement pdf have been covered and are present in
the final report.
the final report will be in the form of a word file with all the plots
and tables and everything else included. the values with which the
plots are made should be included in the appendix or should be sent to
me in a separate excel sheet. I will also need a copy of the original
matlab code files. This will be the " .m " file.

Refer the document on website for writng your report for project 4.

In the tabulated results section:
You need to submit values for XG2, YG2, R4, and primes & double primes of these.

For the plots:
For part 1: Use a time span 0-200 secs.

For part 2: omega2 = 15 rad/s, use a time span of 0-7 seconds.

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