Hosting a simple website on Amazon EC2

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I have a few cron jobs running on an EC2 server, which are dumping stats daily in a MongoDB and I would like to have a simple webpage that displays these stats nicely.

Your job would be to help me do so.

This is a thin-budget item, so you will need to propose exactly what are the stripped down essentials that can be done.

Note that there is no need for knowing MongoDB, since I can easily write a cron that will dump the data to any other format.

* Python: My preference is for a solution that would use a python web-framework (such as django, flask, or such), but am completely open to any other solution (baring in mind you'll have to help me set the required environment up).
* D3.js: My preference for displaying the stats would be to use D3.js. But here too. This is NOT a requirement. I'm open to using what ever is easiest.