3d Puzzle Scale up and Image Vectorizing

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Job Description

I am looking for a artist/graphic designer to build dxf files of parts for a interlocking human skeleton model. The files for the model are jpeg and supplied. This human skeleton will be made full size with laser cut parts. The parts are in proportion. To scale the jpeg file to human size find the femur in the drawing and scale up the drawing until the femur length is 17.08 inches. Vector and clean up the lines, make the interlocking connection .45 inches to accommodate for the .45 inch thick plywood it will be cut from and remove the numbers.. Once all the parts have been vectored cleaned and the articulations are precise. I would the parts nested to conserve material on a 3 foot by 5 foot dxf art-board files, and a vector circuit board pattern (supplied) over-laid only over the nested parts for a raster image. Deliver work in dxf format.

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