Video software making - EC2 Cloud


Job Description

Here is a summary of where we are. Can you advise what parts if any of the following project you could work on?

We have a video making facility within our service to photographers on We are however not happy with this for reasons outlined below.

We have been looking at various options to pursue but need someone to work with our developer, Zena, to deliver a much improved version of the video maker by April 1st.

Our major issue going forward is that:
1. We may have 100s of users trying to make a video at once. Therefore we believe Amazon EC2 is the best option i.e. We can pull crunching power when required. The existing Website is already set up in EC2 but the 'video maker' was not written to utlilize the EC2.
2. The quality of the video needs to be very good. (Existing video software not very good). We believe using an open source platform like is is the route forward here. Are you familiar with this?
3. When the video gets shared on Facebook by the Bride & Groom then there could be multiple views at once so streaming needs to be considered. Perhaps the way forward here is to embed it in Facebook but then we may loose control over the video being allowed by Facebook? Currently the solution only embeds a link.

In summary, we require someone to work closely with our developer, Zena, to deliver a solution to the video piece by April 1st. Fully tested and running. After this we will require someone to work with Zena in maintenance and ongoing upgrades to the system.

If this is something that you can work on can you give me a price and we can agree a project plan to deliver this as a phase 1.

Many thanks

Skills: video, amazon, facebook, movie-maker