Need Animation Done For Video (URGENT)


Job Description


I'm doing a video for a project and need a few animations done.

I have a product blueprint I need animated to show the steps on how the product works.

The second one I need the logo animated for a few seconds, to join together to complete the logo.

Third, we also need a graph created to show investment needed for our product.

It's not a difficult project, but needs to be completed today (in a few hours) so this is urgent.

Please speak English fluently and please work on after effects because that's the platform we are using to create our video.

We have the script and after effects video file with our video with the graphics for you to use to animate.

Nothing fancy needed just need it to be animated to look nice for a presentation.

Please let us know in detail how you will help us animate the images. NO COPY & PASTE REPLIES.

Thank you.

Skills: video, english, graphics