Wayfinding Map / Graphic Designer


Job Description

We are looking for a contractor to transform PDF floor plans to a visitor-friendly wayfinding version for our software.

Please see the attached PDF for before and after example. Your job is to take a complicated floor plan and simplify into a "visitor friendly" form that only shows the essential details. We will work with you and our end customer on what details are significant and which can be eliminated.

A typical customer of ours will have 10-20 floors of wayfinding. We will work with you to render the floor plans into the wayfinding form. Exact specs for the Adobe Illustrator / SVG file will be supplied at the start of the contract.

We are seeking a designer to work with us long-term. As we sell a wayfinding system we will require this design work to be performed. This contract is a trial project to help us find our ideal contractor. We would like you to take one of the supplied floors and provide 3 or 4 variations for a design.

Experience with SketchUp is an asset too.

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