Writer with a Cool Voice for an Events Company

Writer with a Cool Voice for an Events Company


Job Description

Who we are:
We are a company that believes we can do a change in the world. We are a group of crazy, idealistic, kid-at-heart, ambitious professionals who know how to work hard and play hard. We are doing events that aim to turn strangers into friends. We engineer happiness because we believe, it is the basic form of emotion that can evoke productivity and positiveness. We run great parties that people always remember and talk about.

Who we are looking for:
We are looking for full-time geeks who descended from Apollo. You are so awesome, whenever you write articles, you will leave people saying "whoa! why can't I write like that!" You are so resourceful. Your research skill is unmatched, you were able to stalk people even CIA cannot find. You can describe a single picture in one thousand words but you do not, because you know that the sweetest descriptions are those that are creative, yet straight to the point, funny, but true to its sense, witty, but still respectful.

You have the voice of a cosmopolitan yuppie, who travels a lot, who eats different cuisines, who talks to a lot of people, who watches a lot of movies, and reads a lot of books. You can easily make references to pop culture without too much difficulty. You can engage a reader to read everything that you write.

What you will do:
You will write articles about an island: where to go, what to do, how awesome it is, and everything that will make you want to go to that island. You will also write articles about the thoughts of a great entrepreneur: his ideas, aspirations, and everything he can thought of.

Why you should apply?
You want to have fun. You want to have a work where people won't judge you based on your geekiness level but only because of your output. You want to have a meaningful exchange of ideas: sometimes through exchange of lengthy insightful emails or through a passionate high-volume phone calls.

You also want a financial security. We are willing to pay based on result. But we want result first, before demands. We're also humans. In fact, we love good designs. And we will be dying to offer you more than what you expect if your designs are enough to make our heart stop for a second, in a good way.

Upon hiring, the first step will be a trial period. You will be asked to write a paid article of 1$ for us to tell your skills. If you are good, we will give you a list of articles to be made for 3$ per article (for 500-800 words).

Sounds awesome? Please reply with an original cover letter and some sample works.

A bid with more that 3$ per article won't be entertained.