Freelance Bidding Team Manager

Freelance Bidding Team Manager


Job Description

We are a NZ based web and software development company who require the services of managing team member and bidder.

We have accounts across several freelancing sites and a team of 3 bidders who bid on our behalf, sharing the accounts on a set calender schedule. We are now looking to increase our accounts, participation and output and need someone to run the bidding team, as well as bid to increase your knowledge, participation.

This is a leadership role with 3 staff reporting. Your role will include:

- Reporting weekly to the operations manager on results

- Staff training, hiring, reprimands and firing

-Auditing and reporting on staff performance

- Be responsible for account/profile maintenance, eg changing the passwords weekly, and ensuring all accounts profiles are active, with a current portfolio.

- Communicating with bidders and other staff via email on any relevant changes to your department

-Bidding on jobs on our behalf through our accounts.

We are looking for someone fulltime who can work 5 - 7 days a week, 8-10hours a day, long term so need the right candidate.. Once a suitable candidate is picked you will be given two days training and then have the ongoing support of the operations manager.

As we are a web development company, IT knowledge is an advantage, not a must. All reporting is done using google doc so you will need a gmail account.

Our ideal candidate is an independent, careful, analytical, organised and intelligent person who is a great communicator.

This is a newly created position. Remunerations as follows:

$15.00 usd including odesk per week for the administrative tasks listed above - This should take no more than two hours a day, 5 days a week. The rest of your hours will be made up as a team member bidding on jobs, at a rate of $1.00 usd inc o desk per 15 bids ( generic, copy paste) or if you have excellent english you can earn $1.67usd per 5 custom bids ( customised job bids, no copy pasting)

We are looking for quality and engaged candidates who are interested in long term employment and growing the role and company.