I need a couple songs EQ (instrumentals and vocals together)

I need a couple songs EQ (instrumentals and vocals together)


Job Description

i been working on music for a while now with no teachings. last year i had a mac where i found a good setting for eq the sounds of the song (vocals and instrumentals together) to sound good on all speaker and headphone types. That mac crashed. now i got a different one and can't seem to get it sounding good as how i had it on the last one. I'm willing to pay someone to eq my songs to work good and clear on most if not every sound source. Can you help me out? i'm willing to pay your asking price an hour. i have 2 songs right now. do you know a rough estimate? i wanna send you the saved mp3 versions of what i have right now.. but they aren't as loud and they are muffled. i want them louder and CLEAR! ..im hoping for you to fix that. is me send you a wave or mp3 file of the vocals by them selves and the instrumentals by themselves where you overlay after or before equing them.

let me know thanks!