Microsoft Word - Parent/Child aka Master/Slave Interaction

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As a General Contractor I use Microsoft Word for writing subcontracts. The process for every new project is to set up a template subcontract in Word with the particulars of that project (ie location, payment terms, union vs non, schedule, etc) and then use that to create approximately 40 different subcontracts for the project which range from Grading to Concrete to Electrical (40 separate Word documents).

The problem I experience is if/when I have to make a change to the template / boiler plate language I then need to make that change 40 times because I have 40 Word documents (subcontracts) in various stages of completion. This is a complete waste of time and a mindless administrative task.

I would like to know if Word documents can talk to one another the way Excel documents can. I want to be able to edit ONE parent Word document and have the changes appear in all 40 of the child documents. Attached is a write up and a visual. Please apply if you have the know how to complete this task.

Potential helpful hint that I have been told:

1) If you're using Word 2010 or later, then you can use the Document properties. Goto 'Insert' menu, then to 'Quick Pasts', then to 'Document Property'; if you select one of those built-in fields and put the same field in each place, then it will replicate through.

2) Use VBA - slightly more time-consuming and costly to setup, but far better.

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