Database Architect

Database Architect


Job Description

This job is in two sections:

1. Create a form (spreadsheet or database) to collect roughly 350 yes/no answers split into roughly 10 sections. Needs to contain company logos and match colour scheme to fit in with branding. This form will need to run on an ipad.

2. Create Database or spreadsheet that will collate individual forms (1). The database can then apply a weighting (needs to be able to be changed) for each question and produce a report with graphs to show scoring of each section, top and bottom 10 questions with the largest impact. I also want the user to be able to select one or more records to compare and produce a comparison report. This will also need to run on a mac.

I would like to work with MS office products and have a template for part 1 and a rough database design for part two but need someone with mac / ipad knowledge to be able to piece it together. If thats you then we can work together to complete this project.

When applying for this job, please briefly describe how you would go about completing the job, how long it will take and your availability. You must have access to a mac and an ipad for the testing phase of the project.

If you need any further information, it will be better for both of us if you ask at this stage to clarify exactly what is required.

Skills: mac-os-x, ipad, design