Access Control

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Job Description

The purpose of this software is to control access to various areas of the property and log user access. The software will run on a Ubuntu Linux server, MySQL and hardware will consist of 4 Arduino keypads and one four relay USB relay card. There should be a basic web based GUI that will show user access events and allow the admin to display access by user. The MySQL database has been created.

Use Case:
1. User enters code
2. Entered code is verified against user database
3. If code fails to match, access denied
4. If code matches, relay is actuated for x seconds, user name, date, and time are logged as well as which relay name was actuated.

Keypad 1 & 2= relay #1 = “Gate”
Keypad 3= relay #2 = “Shop Door”
Keypad 4= relay #3 = “Fuel Depot”

Please see:

Skills: linux

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