Design a striking document to explain Obamacare to employees

Design a striking document to explain Obamacare to employees


Job Description

We have a software product that helps employers communicate about the changes to their health plan as a result of the new healthcare law. We're generating a personalized letter for each employee. It will be a PDF file that will be printed out and mailed. It contains very important information, but we're afraid if it just looks like a plain business letter, people won't read it, or won't pay close enough attention.

We need a designer who can read and understand the basic information we're trying to get across, and create a new document that uses layout, typography, diagrams, illustrations, or any other information design technique to deliver the information more clearly and make the document more appealing.

To win this contract, I'll exclusively consider proposals that include a portfolio of print-design documents that demonstrate an ability to convey important information in an appealing way.

I'm attaching an example of the output letter formatted as a simple business letter. This is the raw material you'd be working with. The output would include a company logo, a URL, and a QR code.

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