Work at Home - Client Support Professional

Work at Home - Client Support Professional


Job Description

Prosper Communications Virtual Services (PCVS) is a Home Based Company that mentors and prepares the disabled, single parents, students, or any one looking for work at home opportunities to become qualified independent contracting CLIENT SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL AGENTS (CSP) and service multiple clients through Arise Corp in areas of Customer service, Technical support and Soft Sales.

​ Because our preferred provider only handles business with entities we have contracted and become a certified Independent Business Owner (IBO) for Arise. We will guide and provide the tools necessary to each of our contracted agents the steps necessary to obtain the proper education and work for the various clients of Arise that they are skilled to handle.

Our Vision is to create a team of Qualified Client Support Professionals that will work in a virtual environment, whom will work together to improve as a company. Improve each individual contractor involved to be the best professional for their chosen clients and work as Undisputed top performers at all times, so opportunities will become endless for them. Ensure each CSP prospers in the area of life they need the most so they can enjoy a flexible fulfilled life with their families.

(*Initial Costs for Training and Background check required.)

Skills: leadership, customer-relations,, training