Design a site in a CMS (Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress)


Job Description

We are looking to design a site that allows us to end the content. This site will start very simply - an intro page, which will include a logo, some navigation (Sign Up and About for now, but it needs to be easy for us to add categories), an intro section (text, HTML markup-able), then a video section (we will start with one video, but will add others over time. The video will come from Youtube), with a footer section at the bottom.

The sign up page, in addition to the header and footer sections (Home and About), needs to have a basic form that stores to a database - First Name (required), Last Name (required), email address (required), What aspect of EmigreCard are you most interested in? (optional)

The About page should give us some sections for text as well as sections to insert video from youtube easily - this may have more videos than the front page.

The site needs will change over time, this is just the beginning.

Please submit a portfolio of your work. something with a globe or travel background would be best.

Skills: design, video, youtube