Job Description

I am looking for a group of experienced web developers and a designer who can work on big project at a constraining timeframe. Below are the details of the project:

1. Our company is planning to develop a platform which i similar to
Basically, a platform for creating mobile websites with full featured admin panel and users. However, there will be some extra features and a whole new user interface.
2. The team will be required to sign and NDA before this project can be awarded to such team.
3. The team should have in the past designed an developed websites with modern/clean UI and look. Example
This means that your designer must be top notch. Note that, I have made the design of the UI myself and they will be made available to the team. The rest of the website design will be made by the contractors.
4. A upfront review of the project must be made before any development. This will involve the team to produce a detailed scope of work taking into account the files that has been provided and the reference website
This must be completed not more than 4 days after project award.
5. This whole project is planned to be completed in 60 days time from today; so, before bidding make sure you are ready to squeeze your milestones into 60 days.
6. I prefer natural statements. Please, do note use your bidding cover sheet as I won't llok at it. I prefer you take a great look to the reference website before bidding.
7. I do not work with people that will tell me "I will be your only point of contact for this project". That said, I prefer working directly with my developers as that enhances conversation and understanding.
8. The budget for this project is $5000. You might not want to go above that as it won't be considered.

I am a very nice person to work with when the developers are expereienced and keen.