Social Media , Public Relations,Researcher and Marketing

Social Media , Public Relations,Researcher and Marketing


Job Description

Must Know how to use :

pinterest ,facebook ,twitter ,myspace ,badoo ,instagram ,linkedin, google plus, yahoo

Must know or be able to learn quickly these medias:

Set up and Manage these 15 social media

See link:

Another 20 social media

Your job will be to set up the business pages on all these medias, generate traffic and attendees, post contest and get people engage, manage the followers and subscriber and make the platform interactive.

Working with our growing company you will set up the same system for all our clients, if you are hired for this position not only you will have fun with videos and pictures and researching interactive material but you will be very busy.


Setting up and creating pages
Managing subscribers and followers
Dragging traffic and follower and achieving our subscribe goals.
Engaging the audience to visit often
Researching interested subject related material to post on all network
Create a contact database and directory of all our followers and subscribers
Manage Sales and Marketing campaign to our database
Find creative ideas to engage more people and to push them to refer our network to more people.

Skills: marketing, facebook, twitter, linkedin, yahoo, myspace, pinterest

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