Find Foreign Investors Who Want To Invest in USA Real Estate


Job Description

I need someone who will find foreign investors to partner with me here in the USA to invest in real estate. I am offering a good return on the investor's money.

I am a real estate investor myself. I am finding very good deals in residential and commercial property that would yield great profits. Many of these deals are distressed properties that need minimal cosmetic work to fix up in order to resell. I am willing to pay a good interest rate on the investor's money.

I have more projects right now than funds, so I need an investor (or investors), who want to partner with a resident American citizen to invest in property to realize a good return on his or her money. Most investments will be 6 months to 2 years. I will pay a minimum of 90 days interest on any investment, even if I can have the property fixed and sold immediately.

I am willing to sign a promissory note and add the investor as an additional insured on insurance policies for the real estate. I've been investing now for over 5 years and have several mastermind groups that feed me ideas and how-to strategies to maximize investment dollars in good real estate transactions.

Current example projects that need funded:

1. 3 beds / 2 bath house, one car garage, 1300 sq ft. Purchase price $69K. Rehab, holding, and selling costs; $10K. Selling price after repairs, $108K. Potential gross profit; almost $30K.

2. 14 unit apartment building. Needs minimal fixing up. Purchase price $546K. Appraised at $700K. Brings in $116K per year; $78K net.

And there is are many more that I am not telling you about just like these!

My goal is to build long term relationships with foreign investors in order to help them with good returns on their money and build my portfolio for future retirement and larger investments.

I am willing to pay per serious, interested investor brought to me.

Skills: marketing, finance, real-estate, interpreting