Tensile structure drawing

Tensile structure drawing


Job Description

I need someone to design and draw a cad and 3d drawings for tensile membrane structure. with complete dimensions of tensile structure and size and with exact demensions drawings details so it is easy to know and can be understood by layman.

The drawings should also explain how and what to size and shape to cut and further connect them to create a complete tensile roof structure .

Following is the link if one of the popular manufacturer of tensile material manufacture and their software link.


deliverables will be the following :

1. cad and 3d rendered drawings and soft copy of drawings.
2. each piece of tensile structure that needs to be joined to make complete roof should have its own drawing details with exact dimensions as images marked in the pdf files .
3. pipe structure drawings details with exact dimensions ( including raduis , archs etc ) in pdf . ( we will use 1.5in to 2in pipe dia )

The inner dimensions of room on which the roof structure will be applied we require the following :-

1. width 16 feet
2. length 35 feet
3. height 8 feet

these dimensions are of the clear are required not what will be drawn as that will be above and more around this are as show in the pictures encloses

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