Instructional Designer

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Job Description

Seeking a US based Instructional designer who has experience working with Children & Curriculums.

Job requirements: Reformat an Adult to Child Good Touch Bad Touch Book for E-learning development purposes. This include reformatting into 3 different phases so that the E-learning will be done in different phases. The goal is to have children learn and retain in different phases instead one sitting. Also we want to be sure the children have comprehended the information before continuing.

Make suggestions for any additional illustrations(I will provide the illustrations that I have in png files)

Once book is reformatted for E-learning development, make suggestions on ways the E-learning development can be more interactive (in order to hold children's attentions from beginning to end).

Deliver in Power Point Slides. I want to be able to give the Power Point presentation to my voiceover recording artist with the illustrations and text as it will appear.

I want to be give the E-learning developer the Power Point as a guide.
Also, I want to be able to have the Power Point as an optional download on the e-learning LMS website.

Note: The book has to much text per page. E-learning slides should only have one two sentences of text. Also, I want to be able to offer the E-learning with text and illustrations(plus audio) and with illustrations only and audio.

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