Electrical power engineer needed (using PLECS software)


Job Description

please i need an expert
don't bid if you can't finish the work
you should have a "plecs stand alone software" installed on your computer

attached a model for a type of capacitor called "electric double layer capacitor"
you should design a model as described below:
1- it is a system that contains a type of capacitors called (Electric double layer capacitor), these capacitors are exposed to ionizing radiation.
2- these ionizing radiation decreases the value of the capacitance of these capacitors.
3- in the design there should be a sensor that will be sense the amount of the dose of radiation.
4- the sensor then will give a signal that will make an action to decrease the value of the capacitance of these capacitors.
5- also you will create an automatic control system that will read the signal from the system, then it will initiate a signal that will be used to shunt another new capacitor with the existed group of capacitors (to eliminate the reduction in capacitance caused by radiation).

the model should be delivered in details illustration
(lower bids will be awarded :) )

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