PCES - Project Controls Enterprise System


Job Description

We have developed a comprehensive Project Cost Controls Database over 10 years. We developed this slowly over time in MS Access Database. We now want to build this entire database product into a Enterprise solution and offer a web based enterprise application for major oil and gas clients. I am the architect of the access database (business architect and not the database architect). When ever I had a project and some funds, I brought in a MS Access database guy and slowly built this robust application/process over time.

Now, I would like to convert this access database into a enterprise product that is web based and take it before investors to raise capital needed to take this product to market. I am looking for a developer or a small development team to work with me on this effort. I am pumping my own funds into this development effort and hence I am looking for a best price team who can deliver a quality product. I am also open to equity options.

I am an Executive in the Oil and Gas industry. I live and work in Texas, the energy capital of the world. This product will serve the major oil and gas industry clients.

If interested and have the right skill set, please connect with me.

Logan Anjaneyulu