Gamesalad - Teaching my 9 year old Gamesalad

Gamesalad - Teaching my 9 year old Gamesalad


Job Description

I need to find someone that can teach me and my 9 year son GameSalad on the MAC.

The goal will be for you to determine a game with him that you can work with him to build. Hopefully, he will work on it in-between sessions We can do once a week . Partially, we need someone that can do customer support on the various questions that stump him.

But mostly, I'd like someone that using skype/facetime/whatever can teach the use and application of this software. Be great if you've done this before, maybe have an educational orientation and best if you can outline a plan for how best to do. Mostly, you'll need expertise with GameSalad and some patience. He's a good kid and very polite.

We've done this before for GameSalad in addition to Lego's Mindstorms and it worked pretty good.

My guess is that we do 8 weeks, once a week for 45 minutes. Could go longer.

We should set a goal of building a game and then getting that game out for his friends to use. Net, we do a project that he can show his friends. And are using that project to help him learn it and to get him excited about the success in doing that (and having your there reduces the frustration of learning)