Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality, Investment Contracts


Job Description

Hello there,
Small Pet Feeders is an ongoing e-commerce project that markets live worms and other insects to the American public (hopefully mainstream one day) for use as live pet food, fishing bait, and organic pest control. We employ the use of unique sales strategies and technical tools to extract the best sale from a customer. In order to develop a fully trusting relationship, I would like Non-Disclosure agreements issued to all of our new agents and oDesk hires, and I can see the need to have someone on our long term staff to stay on top of our legal end of this future corporation.

We currently are far over budget and don't have room for this addition, but I feel it may be a necessity to retaining our unique edge on the business.

This legal expert would also need to have knowledge on business law, and should be familiar with the filing of patents and copyrights. An American lawyer would be my primary choice for this position. We may also need assistance with our future investment contracts as well, as these contracts should be made with up-to-date business law in mind.

I look forward to meeting the next officer of our corporate staff. No agencies need apply, we are looking for an individual that can afford to be a part of a team. Must use Skype to stay in contact with the rest of the team.

-Dave Cross
CEO/Managing Member
Small Pet Feeders LLC

Skills: patents