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Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Hi, I am Victoria Im currently looking for a web-Designer and Programmer. I have already done alittle but of work on my site and you can see here:


This is the design im looking for, for my site sorta like my mock-up of what I want:

(View the file I uploaded)

There are other sites to reference from before we get down to business so you can have a feel for what im looking for:

Here are some references below:


This is my first time working with word press and designing or programming in my life, so I attempted to do a bit on my own. I cannot finish its getting much to complicated for me. Im not only looking for a web designer and programmer but someone who can constantly maintenance the site for we weekly.

I already have everything in Microsoft word that I want on the site and I already have most of the things laid out for whoever I choose for the job. Nothing is programmed yet like my payment options or site security all I pretty much have is my domain and my hosting site paid for.

I cannot offer more that about 20 hours of work on this program because I have everything laid out on the table for whoever I choose for the job should be able to complete the task within 20-30 hours. There is no need for a mock up because I already have the web design that I want. Which is here below:

With all of that being said please apply for the job:

Keep in mind I need someone who is most likely in the USA around the Texas area or the opposite time zone so when Im supposed to be sleep there awake in which i will be awake also, by saying that i need someone who is going to work hard and fast / professional.

Must be able to work about 6-7 hours after signing my contract.

Skills: systems-programming, design, computer-literacy

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