Music Composer For Horror Feature

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced music composer that has worked on horror films previously.

Your duties will include replicating music we provide so that it mirrors the original in terms of emotional impact but has enough variations where it's inspired by the original but not an exact replica (to avoid any copyright violations).

You will have to compose 10-20 original scores and we will pay $50 to $200 for each score accepted (based on the complexity and time taken for the score - some songs can receive higher payment but bear in mind this is a low budget production but we can work with you on the rate as we ultimately want the highest quality music in this production).

Each section will need to match up with the visuals of the piece and complement them aesthetically, atmospherically and emotionally.

Musical influences will be Puccini, Berg, Pink Floyd, The Doors, NIN, Alice in Chains, Elvis and more.

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