Looking for a LOGO addendum

Looking for a LOGO addendum


Job Description

http://disconnectedpress.com has a very disctinctive logo about it. And we're now expanding into internet radio (shoutcast for now). We need a logo in a very similar mannar in the ense of line work and 'royalty.'

And here's the kicker, using dominant linework, we would request a furious and irritable pig/Boar/'Beast', from a front of view. Alot like the hyena -- a few lines and absenses/addition of linework really makes him look quite dirty.

Pig, similar line work to the official logo of the site
- vector
- Can see his mouth and rotted/jagged/whatever teeth because he'll be holding a plank of wood or whatever you as an artit come up with to reall brand this
Im thinking like those old estate signs -- two peices of ply and a handle with the logo painted on the pine, aged wood. I dunno.
- Pig must look viscious, aggitated, and have the logo you come up with for EAFM in his mouth, in something his holding, preferably.

Vector, if not do it -- 410 x 290px, vector is preferable -- if not required to match the line work in out logo.

Submit a draft, a mock up, or whatever to PROVE you can do this.

********Perhaps just a charcoal/lead sketch of what you see the pig looking like would be the perfect application; most viscious pig with the awesomet EAFM logo is accepted******


*** Budget + Bonus(es)