Game app developer for Apple mobile products

Game app developer for Apple mobile products


Job Description

I am looking for one, maybe two, app developers. I have some good ideas/ concepts that will hold be easy to finish

What I need you to do:
-build a game for iOS (primarily the newest iOS7)
-deliver good quality graphics and smooth gameplay (if I am paying you good, it's incentive to produce quality work!)
-potentially work with others in the development process.

Must be able to:
-Work fast and have good time management
-use some creativity during development
-able to work on bugs after development is completed

I can accommodate many hourly wages, or included you in advertisement contracts so you can make more money (potentially) than an hourly wage. I have had other apps developed, but now I want to cut out the middle man and turn my ideas into more profit!

Please include into your application answers to the following questions:

1. How old are you?

2. How long have you been developing apps?

3. Have you taken any courses or classes for programming and development?

4. List any, and all, previous experiences that you've had.

5. When can you start?

6. How many hours can you work a day? And what days can you work?