Superstar Writers Needed

Superstar Writers Needed


Job Description

A high growth Internet company headquartered in Malaysia is seeking the assistance of full-time writers who are comfortable in producing work in multiple niches.

We have successfully hired more than 100 employees online and we have a great track record online - read our employee reviews and testimonials.

Our requirements:-
1. Must be well-versed in written English with experience blogging.
2. Experience in setting up and managing Wordpress sites is not required, but is an advantage.
3. Comfortable with task logging such as Odesk and RescueTime.

NOTE: This is for a permanent position, and successful applicants will NOT be allowed to freelance for other companies during working hours. The hours are flexible, but you will need to log in 8 hours a day as tracked by Odesk and RescueTime.

Extra Perks!

1. A pay raise is guaranteed after 90 days upon confirmation.
2. Performance bonuses and incentives after periodical management reviews as deemed fit.
3. Flexible hours.

Selected applicants will be asked for a brief video call (via Skype) to discuss the position. Only apply if you are able to attend a video interview. Indicate "I'm a star!" in your application. Shortlisted candidates will be put on a (paid) pilot project before the aforementioned Skype video call.

In your application, also show samples of your work particularly in these areas -

1. Articles that you have written (in any niche)
2. Wordpress sites that you have set up and managed (your own or past clients) - if you have Wordpress experience.


Skills: english, management, video