Social Media Assistant Internship


Job Description

I'm looking for an assistant to help me with the social media marketing of my book "Minority Tech" ( As my assistant, you will help me run the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, podcast, blog, and Pinterest pages for the book. Other social media outlets may be added.

I want to be upfront that this is an unpaid position. I will provide you with all the training you need to run social media sites, a signed copy of the book, and an excellent letter of recommendation (if earned) from myself, an information technology professional with over 20 years of experience. I will also serve as a mentor to anyone who fills this position both during the internship and afterwards. You can learn more about me here:

I've used social media to creat a social graph that reaches thousands of people, and I can teach the person who fills this position to do the same. We don't have to meet in person and can use Skype and Trello to communicate so you can live anywhere in the world.

I think that this can be a fun an exciting opportunity, and I look forward to working with the person who can fill this role. I am happy to answer any questions or provide more information as needed.