FPGA JTAG Consultant

FPGA JTAG Consultant


Job Description

I am looking for a electrical/computer engineer to assist me with understanding how JTAG (IEEE 1149.1 Standard) is used in an FPGA. My team and I are designing a new microprocessor. We are modeling it on an FPGA board that is programmed using JTAG. We are designing this device using Altera Quartus II. Experience with this Quartus II and VHDL is a big plus.
Initially this job will only be a few hours, but I would to have an on going relationship. I will be working on this project for 18-24 month and will need help in the future.

Contractor requirements

I need an engineer with whom I can interact online. A few quick talks over Skype might be necessary. I prefer to communicate via email though. I am flexible with my hours so it shouldn't be hard to find a time to Skype if we need to.

How to apply

In your cover letter, please indicate your experience in the listed technologies. Specifically highlight your experience with FPGAs, JTAG, VHDL, and Quartus II.

In addition, please include your proficiency with English and your level of comfort with speaking with other professionals on an ongoing basis.

Skills: english