Sri Lanka Phone Market


Job Description

Hello Rasika,

I noticed that you have experience in the android phone market.

I am considering exporting phones into Sri Lanka. However, I need your help with some research. I hope you can help me.

1) I need to know what the tariff (import tax) is on mobile phones in Sri Lanka
2) I need to know how someone in Sri Lanka can transfer the money for the phones to me. I am not in Sri Lanka. So for instance, if I send my buyer 20 phones for the total price of 100$, how will the buyer of my phones transfer the funds to me. I looked into it and someone in Sri Lanka is unable to simply send a money gram or wire transfer to me. So, the question is, how does a Sri Lankan exporter pay his foreign exporter?

This is the start of the project, I need the above two answers. I will then require your expertise on setting up a step by step plan for someone in Sri Lanka to set up a business to import phones.

Skills: import