Auction Application Modifications & Feature Additions


Job Description

My company is Crowne Hunter, Inc

The JOB is to Modify existing features of and Add new features to an Auction Application and Interface that is developed using Adobe Flex/Flash/Java

Please review the following auction interface @ and log in as guest1 with password of guest1 to play around and Register as a user. As you register you will notice that the New User (bidder/consignor) is required to submit a valid Credit Card as a method to confirm the address used is legitimate. We do not want base populated with boggus information. At the same time a legitimate registrant will be concerned as to why we want that information and what it will be used for. (1) I need an additional PopUp to explain that the CC info is to verify the address used and will not be charged. When you get to this point you will want to abandon the registration process (1A) or the first page of the registration must have the CC information posted so the user can bail out of the process. I would perfer #1 over #1A.

(1B) In the registration process I need an additional page to gather information about cars they would like to receive information about when that car(s) are consigned

When registration is completed the application will generate a copy of the info provided and the New User can print and save. (2) I need the system to send this user an email which I can custom make and change at any time.

Currently there is no way to manually or automatically contact the new user by email so (3) I need the current application database to be Modified or (3A) have a separate database using Cold Fusion perhaps or other so the user info stays within the application database as it is now and also to the separate searchable database where it can be accessed so Crowne Hunter can easily and automatically email them with auction dates, new consigned vehicles etc.

(4) When a User bids on a lot, is out bid on a lot, loses or wins a lot I need the system to generate various emails telling them what to do next.

(5) You will notice at the bottom the email link is not working.
(6) I am open to any suggestions as I am not an auction application expert and did not get what I needed from the original developer although I like what is there now.
(7) This will be an ongoing project I am sure but for now I need to get this application functional so we can launch.

(8) It seems like the Administration module is fine but that some of the Modifications and Additions will affect the Admin so let me know about this. If anyone wishes to make a proposal to start from scratch I am open to your ideas as long as it does not volate and oDesk rules or guidelines.

Right now it is all about the costs if I can proceed or not.


Skills: administration