Monitoring and DNS Management Script + More.


Job Description

Requirement for someone to create a collection of scripts to monitor servers and perform DNS management in event of a system outage.

We currently have a service with Nettica which provides a SOAP/WSDL based API for updating domain name records.

There is also an install of Nagios and we would install two new instances if desired. We will consider using a paid site monitoring service.

We would like this all to be written in Perl if possible, with modules created as much as possible.

Logging of statuses to a DB file and MySQL is required also, as we will profile this data.

We will discuss a good algorithm for monitoring, and decision making about whether the servers are up or down. Also follow two tests, such as basic ping + nnetwork connectivity and retrieval of web page, or a custom file on each server etc.

All configuration options should be in XML.

We would like manual override, and requirement to authorise the DNS records change for this setup.

Even better, would be to perform a check per domain, and alerting on each as well.

Different components of this are possibly already created or documented, so there so will not have to start from scratch.

* As a separate option, an ajax powered dashboard based on jQuery or similar to provide a monitoring station and basic config for these scripts.