Editor and design ideas for a 35 page book,

Editor and design ideas for a 35 page book,


Job Description

here is a review of the book and Your responsibilities:

I have a 35 page book I wrote on the 5 secrets to extraordinary and sustainable results with a life coach. it has about 10,500 words

This book is research based. It integrates and emphasizes the thinking and works of such notable writers as Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and "success" writers including Stephen J. Kraus, Ph.D and Steven Covey. Also included are spiritual doctrines and teachings providing insights into the human experience, IPEC principals and several years of research found in trainings, books, movies, scholarly articles and journals.

I look forward to a comprehensive and complete job.

so there is a common ground of understanding I will type out here specifically what I want you do to

I am looking with editing, proof-reading along with design elements as well.

Stylistic elements
* Concept
* Intended word use
* Organization
* Tone
* Characterization
* Genre-specific writing conventions

Technical elements
* Grammar
* Spelling
* Punctuation
* Consistency


--- Help me create a Copyright page.
-- After reading the whole book a discussion if the title is fitting. maybe it needs a change.
-- I already have a design for the table of contents, so just look it over and give a suggestion, for improving the design, the font and maybe a re-arrangement for better reader-ability.
-- your opinion on my Preface or Introduction.

-- Proper citations where required.

-- References/Bibliography if needed

-- Compelling author's bio... I would like you can create one for me after an interview.

-- A discussion on what the design of the cover will be. if you don't have actual graphic design experience, its okay. I can get the cover done on a separate job.

-- their may be some possible small developmental issues with the content. which means a poorly developed concept or idea,

which then requires collaboration and or discussion over the phone. if something is not clear.
it is important to note that while you can tell me the parts of the book which are not clear. in a email

I will not explain myself in a email or text. I find I cant express myself as well in email. so expect a call. naturally this means a number to call and a time we have to agree on

I am involved with and understand how to use skype, join me, and other voice or video conferencing tools if it is more convenient.

I plan to publish the book with createspace.com

if you know another way to publish a book outside of createspace.com I am open to it.

-- and finally I want you to not just edit or mark the corrections but actually perform and type them in.

you will also have to you sign a document agreeing to terms of service, this terms of service are only to protect my work, you may not re-produce my work in anyway.

please ask me any questions you have.

Job Description:
So to be general I am looking for someone that can

- Create high-quality content that engages and resonates with my audience
- Edit content to match our intended voice and creative direction when necessary
- Contribute ideas on improving existing messaging and content

Your qualifications:

- Primary Skills: Editor
- Additional Skills: Journalism
- Fluent English including excellent writing, grammar, spelling and formatting
- A work style that is extremely detail oriented
- Strong communication skills

Skills: research, design, grammar, journalism, english, ebooks, academic-writing