Payment processor needed

Payment processor needed


Job Description

This is an online task where you can work from your home or office. It is a flexible job and allows you to manage your own time and also your day to day activities. It won't affect your current job and/or restrict you from doing other things. The job doesn't require so much and you will be one of the company's representatives in your region. You will be working for about 4 (four) hours daily, 5 (five) days a week. Interested employee should provide their resumes via the supplied email below.

Interested employee should meets with the following requirements:

*Organized, focused, and detail-oriented
*Employee should be able to read, write and understand ENGLISH
*Employee should be computer literate (Able to use the computer)
*Minimum academic requirement for this offer is high school
*Prompt, dilligent and on-time cautiousness should be adhered by interested employees

-Year-end bonus opportunity based on performance -- up to 20% of salary.