Ecommerce Website for Apparels

Ecommerce Website for Apparels


Job Description

We need to build an eCommerce based website for our local brick and mortar stores.

- The wireframes, creatives, design and most of the requirements is already completed. Our internal team was working on building the eCommerce website but due to overload of work we are unable to continue this internally.

- Recommend platform / CMS for this project. Give at least 3 options and recommend why one over another.

We have almost finalized DOT NET NUKE as our preferred CMS for this project.

We want a savvy group of people who can help us achieve these results.

Some DO'S AND DON't's

To reply to this proposal:

- Give a brief sales pitch of why you would like to take this project. Do not emphasize your company strength and the number of projects you did. I already can see that in your company profile. The sales pitch should entice me to give you the work.
- PROVIDE THE BID AMOUNT. Bids without the bid amount will be rejected.

- Do not recommend a custom development solution to build everything from scratch. Our philosophy is to not reinvent the wheel. Ecommerce has been here for more than a decade, Let's use existing frameworks / CMS platforms to meet our needs.

- Don't provide recommendation and experience on non Microsoft Family projects. We are specifically using for .Net Framework within the realms of the CMS such as DNN.

- Don't recommend products such as Magento where customization and scalability is limited. Plus there is incremental cost by the # of products. We carry over 5000 products on an average and every month we add around 500 to 1000 items. Hence products like Magento are not feasible.

I have attached some of the project files for review.

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