Native FM receiver app for Android device

Native FM receiver app for Android device


Job Description

You are to develop an android native FM receiver app to run on ANY 3-4 "cheap" (Rs.3000-Rs.5000 preferred) handsets available in Indian market. The handsets selected must have FM receiver and some of the models with GPS receiver. Highly desirable is you choose some popular models (like Micromax, Karbon, etc) with above constraints.

You select the devices based on 1) your ease of development with respect to the choice of FM chipset and the availability of its driver and 2) reasonably priced mobiles currently in use in India.

Here is one reference to sources and challenges:!topic/android-porting/qs_XHukOuyg. If the link does not work, you may search for "Porting FM In Android Along With The Application" to see posts, driver and framework source, etc.

The FM receiver app needs to send FM activities (FM on/off, freq selected and time, and preferrably time on hold for answering calls) via http (url will be provided) and gps coordinates if the device supports gps.

Since this requires tinkering with the FM/BT/WiFi chipset and possibly JNI native code, you should be comfortable debugging hardware features and must demonstrate to have done h/w related work to be considered.

For UI, you can use any UI that you find in mobiles supporting native FM app.

For anyone to be considered for the job, please include as much detail of what you have understood about the project, what experience/knowledge you have specific to the project and what the key issues/challenges you expect to face. Please be as specific as possible.