Looking for enterprise level email messaging guru.

Looking for enterprise level email messaging guru.


Job Description

We want to send email on behalf of 3rd parties from our domain, showing the email message as being from the 3rd party domain name, while minimizing the chance that emails from our system will be categorized as spam based on the actions of a few customers.

We need answers to questions like these:

Around how many virtual servers would be required to act as a sufficient buffer? We have some clients that send around 6,000 emails in a blast. How much cpu/memory would each machine need?

Regarding the sender address, would this allow someone to send a message with the From listed as xyz@gmail.com or abc@motorola.com without being readily marked as spam? Will domain SPF records still play a large factor in the ranking?

Would this system be able to be readily integrated into an existing system? Would all mail from the existing server be configured to route through this new system at the sendmail config level, or would code need to be modified?