Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer


Job Description

1) Confer with sales and management

executives or with clients in order to

discuss design ideas.

2) Determine prices for styles.

3) Develop a group of products and/or

accessories, and market them through venues

such as boutiques or mail-order catalogs.

4) Direct and coordinate workers involved

in drawing and cutting patterns and

constructing samples or finished garments.

5) Identify target markets for designs,

looking at factors such as age, gender, and

socioeconomic status.

6) Provide sample garments to agents and

sales representatives, and arrange for

showings of sample garments at sales

meetings or fashion shows.
7) Purchase new or used clothing and

accessory items as needed to complete


8) Read scripts and consult directors and

other production staff in order to develop

design concepts and plan productions.

9) Research the styles and periods of

clothing needed for film or theatrical