Data Base Analysis and Documentation

Data Base Analysis and Documentation


Job Description

Project Description:
We are planning to redesign our current platform, create an integrated system for the data bases and architecture for several websites. We first must analyze and document our current data base design and systems architecture due to the original analyst's unavailability. There are several websites that are using multiple databases - and Both sites contain streaming audio for live and archived talk radio shows. These sites also allow the clients (hosts) to update their information through a custom CMS.

First, we are looking for a proposal that will quickly assess our current configuration and provide us with a comprehensive assessment. Since the last time we posted this job, we have gone thru and have compiled data on the systems, databases, and how they work with our sites as a preliminary starting point.

We would need someone to look at our configuration and complete the documentation, the interface to our live streaming radio interface and our radio software using shoutcast, icecast, and SAM Broadcaster. Then once that is completed, we will be looking for assistance in building a new and more efficient platform.

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