Canada's Micro Job's

Canada's Micro Job's


Job Description

Our company 5spot Limited is looking for individuals of all walks of life, anyone anywhere!
This can be Part-Time or Full-time (if you wish)
No experience needed!
This job is looking for those that can handle the requirments of posting your talents/services and skills on our site, these services you determine what you can charge, this can be from $5 to $450.

These talents/services and skills can be unique whether its seo work,translation,writing,advertising,marketing, whatever you can think of!
For ex: You post a talent for $10 and its a "human billboard" advertisment for a company(take a companies name and or logo) and draw it on your arm, taking pictures of it, posting it to social media sites.
Another could be a get well video for $5 or teach a person you talent or service up to $450!
You'd be suprised what others are willing to pay for what you already know!
Thats why we are looking for individuals!
Only certain candidates will be hired!
No fraudulent applications will be accepted!

Skills: marketing, video