News Media Client Manager


Job Description

EPN News is a subsidiary of Publicity Prime ( We are a digital multimedia station based in the United States that profiles our clients in books, film, albums, online radio, and community access television. We are actively hiring News Media Client Managers. Could you be one of them?

You could be selected as one of our part-time Client Managers working your own set hours. Your priority is to consult with businesses looking for marketing exposure. You are paid $50 commision for each closed sale of a $100 product. The acquired client receives radio interview, TV profile on "Your World Discovered" on community access television, and featured in book series released monthly on and Barnes & Noble. Your multimedia product is audio, visual, and written. You are the front end voice of EPN News who consults with our clients on our digital multimedia products and services.

Do you have what it takes to do the job working from your home? Are you the right person who can acquire any type of business client looking for multimedia marketing? Are you excellent at commission based sales with non-intrusive cold calling? Then we want to hear from you.


- Patiently reach out to a lot of people with confidence.
- Ability to talk about digital products and technical services.
- Quickly Market presentations and actively close sales.
- Have the drive to succeed with a strong positive work ethic.
- Work in an organized, prepared, and efficient manner.

If you a good talking to people and available for 9:00 AM (Eastern) training meetings by web conference or phone conference, then you are eligible to share you experience and qualifications. We would love to see your resume and have a phone interview with you to see if you are the right person. Are you one of the people we are looking for? Let us know.

Skills: marketing

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