Website Copywriter with SEO/PPC writing skills.

Website Copywriter with SEO/PPC writing skills.


Job Description

Hi Candidates!

We need a talented and creative sales copy writer for a Health Supplement Brand. But if we work well together we would include you in all our various projects in other markets.

We are launching a second brand in the supplements industry which will focus on generating sales via PPC, SEO, and media buys. So we are in need a talented copywriter to create the companies standard pages. If we work well together you will also be working with us on a second contract to build SEO/PPC landing pages and marketing material as a full time hourly rate position.

More specific details will be provided to the winning candidate.


- Is the copywriting for all aspects of the website? (e.g. Landing page, About Us, Products, etc.)

Yes, copywriting need to be done for every page on the website.

- Is there a Content Management Software involved?

You won't have to mess around with that, just submitting the copyrighting in word would suffice. But if you have experience working with it would be excellent.

- Are there expectations for you to perform research?

There might be some slight amount of research you might have to do to discuss the benefits of the products and what not. But it shouldn't be heavy duty research work. All the data is available online with some googling around.

- Ballpark number of product descriptions

3 products will be launched to start with.


Scope of current tasks will be the following:

1 - Homepage / landing page.
2. About Us
3. About Our Products - list of products with a small summary of each (3).
4. Learn More about each product - 3 pages with more indepth description about the product, origins, benefits, studies.
5. A coupon deals page - convince users to signup to receive updates / special deals and coupons via a mailing list.
6. Short contact US page. (It will be a web form where people can submit their inquires).
7. Short paragraph in the press page.
8. Landing page leading to the blog page.


Please include the following in your cover-letter:

1. Calculate your price totals and send a fixed price bid for this project. Specify what you would provide and your price.

2. Send some samples of your copywriting that also can drive sales if you are interested in this opportunity.

3. Tell us why you are the best candidate for this position?

Best of luck everyone!

JM Labs

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