JavaScript/UI/HTML Developer

JavaScript/UI/HTML Developer


Job Description

oDesk Professional Services is seeking a talented HTML developer to create simple, intuitive, and elegant user interfaces for our platform and applications. The chosen contractor will play an important role in the look and feel of our platform and applications and help us continue to deliver the highest quality experience for our customers and contractors.

**Please note that we are only looking for strong English speakers that can work 9:00 AM - 5:00pm PST**


• Build a library of reusable components including associated HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other resources, that can be easily restyled with CSS

• Building an HTML web site template to be used to accelerate creation of customer-specific projects.

• Harvest components, created by team, so that the component can be used in other UIs (i.e.: paragraph input boxes with word/character/spelling error counters and formatting, syntax highlighting, date pickers, graphs, etc.)

• Hire, manage and motivate a talented bench of UI developers

• Develop and implement innovative, highly usable interfaces across our platform


• Must be able to implement Pixel perfect UIs from PSDs.

• Experience building a library of components using HTML

• Solid, demonstrated experience with CSS

• In-depth knowledge and experience with JavaScript

• Knowledge of and experience with responsive layouts and libraries like Twitter Bootstrap

• Deep understanding of web standards and best practices (HTML5/CSS3 a must)

Preferred, but not required:

• Familiarity with D3 (graphing library)

Please include answers to the following in your proposal:

1. What are issues with implementing UIs that are consistent across multiple browsers and operating systems? How do you overcome these issues?

2. Why do some sites have problems with a lot of external style sheets on one page? Why do they strive to reduce the number of those references, sometimes compiling them all down to one file?

3. What JavaScript frameworks have you used? Describe the value they provided to your projects.

Skills: english

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